Welcome to the Dig Index

The DIG Index, short for Deep Innovation Growth Index, aims to become the comprehensive music-tech index and database, filling a gap in the market and acting as a point of reference for entrepreneurs, startups, angel and VC investors as well as journalists, government bodies and professional service providers.

Latest companies which recently joined the index

Concert Flow Ltd

Website: http://ConcertFlow.com

Technology which embeds live videos into concert listings.


Website: http://snapwave.co

Snapwave is a global online community that combines photos and music to create a visual music experience unlike any other


Website: http://www.decave.tv

Events and online sessions where musicians from different genres get together, spend a day in the studio and perform.


Website: https://blitzr.io

Unifying music via (meta)data interoperability


Website: http://trackdmusic.com

Trackd is an ideas studio in your pocket.