Albums of Dennis McCarthy

  1. V: The Final Battle (Music From the Television Mini-Series)
  2. Kareem: Tribute to a Basketball Legend (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)
  3. The Sports Music Library
  4. Of Mice And Men
  5. The Sports Music Library (Original Score)
  6. What We Left Behind: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
  7. Christmas Carol Fantasy
  8. Dark Alleys, Vol. 1: Brooding Percussive Investigations
  9. Death of a Nation (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)
  10. Sliders (Original Scores from the Television Series)
  11. "V" the Series (Music from the Television Series)
  12. Jennifer 8 (Theme from the Motion Picture Score for Solo Piano)
  13. Star Trek: The Next Generation: Encounter at Farpoint / The Arsenal of Freedom
  14. "V" the Final Battle (Music from the Mini Series)
  15. "The Inner Light" Theme for Solo Piano (From "Star Trek: The Next Generation")
  16. The Utilizer - Original Soundtrack Recording
  17. The Meadow - From ''the Twilight Saga: New Moon'' (Alexandre Desplat) single
  18. Nip Tuck-Piano Montage (From the original score from the F/X Television)
  19. On Golden Pond (Theme from the Motion Picture Score)
  20. "The Lonely Man Theme" from the Television Series "the Incredible Hulk" for Solo Piano (Joe Harnell) Single

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