Georg Albert Ruthenberg (born August 5, 1959), better known as Pat Smear, is an American guitarist. He is best known as a rhythm guitarist in the rock band Foo Fighters, with whom he has recorded four studio albums and a live album. Smear was also a founding member of the influential punk band Germs, and was the additional live rhythm guitarist for the grunge band Nirvana.

Smear also appeared regularly on the MTV fashion show House of Style with Cindy Crawford.

Early life

Georg Ruthenberg was born and raised in West Los Angeles, to a mother of African-American and Native American descent, and a German immigrant father. His parents forced him to take piano lessons at a young age, and a few years later, he began teaching himself to play the guitar. He lists his influences as Joan Jett, Brian James, Brian May, and Steve Jones.

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Pat Smear

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Area United States [US]
Activity period Birth: Aug 05 1959 (Los Angeles)
Member of Foo Fighters (from 2010), Nirvana (from Aug 09 1993 to Apr 05 1994)
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