Vasco Rossi (born 7 February 1952), also known as Vasco or with the nickname Il Blasco, is an Italian singer-songwriter. During his career, he has published 26 albums (not including unofficial releases) and has written over 250 songs, as well as lyrics for other artists. He calls himself a "provoca(u)tore" (an Italian portmanteau for "provoking author") as throughout his career he has been regularly criticized over his choice of lifestyle and the lyrics in his songs.

Biography Early life and education

Vasco Rossi was born in Zocca, in the province of Modena (Emilia-Romagna). His father, Carlo Rossi, was a truck-driver, and his mother, Novella, a housewife. It was his mother herself who decided to enroll him in singing school when he was a little boy, a choice that must have seemed rather peculiar within the mentality of a small village in… Read all

Vasco Rossi

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Area Italy [IT]
Activity period Birth: Feb 07 1952 (Zocca [IT] )
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Father of Dj Davide Rossi, Luca Rossi, Dj Lorenzo Rossi
Son of Novella Corsi, Giovanni Carlo Rossi
Married with Laura Schmidt (from 2012)
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