About Us

www.rockol.com is a service by Rockol.com s.r.l., a Milano, Italy based pure-play web media company focused on music and entertainment.
This website is the international version of the original rockol.it, Italy's premier web destination for music info.
Launched in 1995, with its 80.000+ artist database it gradually became a reference point both for the industry and for the audience. Its real-time newswire and daily digital music mag (with reviews and video interviews) are completed by the most capillary concert schedule in the country.
This version of our service debuted in December 2012 and it is currently in its beta version. Aimed at an English reading audience, it replicates the structure of the original website and also works as a hub of the best international sources in rock and pop music.


Giampiero di Carlo, Founder & CEO

Giampiero graduated from Italy’s top university, Università Bocconi in Milan, with a degree in Business & Economics focused on Marketing. He completed a Masters in M&A at the London Business School. He began his career as a journalist eventually becoming an experienced digital publishing professional. His activity spans from web marketing to online communication strategies. Giampiero is a repeat entrepreneur having created the laptop computer brand Newchip and managing its launch and commercialization in 1991. In 1995 he incorporated M&G Interactive (web agency) and launched Rockol. A founding member of IAB Italia, on whose board of directors he served on for three consecutive mandates and he is a lecturer at Università Cattolica, Milan for post-graduate courses in Music Industry Economy.


Andrea Leonelli, Senior Editor UK

Andrea Leonelli is the producer and host of Digital Music Trends (digitalmusictrends.com), a weekly online show covering the latest news in the music tech industry. Digital Music Trends started in April in 2009 and to date has achieved a good amount of recognition within the digital music industry both in Europe and North America.

Andrea has worked in the music industry for six years - four spent at Universal Music and two at music start-up Bopler as Content Operations Manager. In the latter post he gained a great deal of experience in the music licensing space actively maintaining relationships with both major labels and publishers. He holds a BA in Popular Music and Recording as well as an MA in Composition studies.


Juliana Koranteng, Editor UK

London-based Juliana Koranteng is a freelance business journalist, editor, and author specializing in international media, marketing and entertainment, whose work has been published in The Hollywood Reporter, the Economist, The Washington Post, and TIME magazine. She has worked as contributing editor at Billboard magazine; at Boutique Editions (for Reed-MIDEM’s international TV and music trade fairs magazines in Cannes); and at Advertising Age magazine. She originated, developed and sold New Media Age magazine to UK publishing group Centaur Media. And she is the author of several Financial Times business books covering the TV, music, advertising, and sport sectors plus copyright issues. Koranteng’s JayKay Media Inc company is the publisher of the business journal MediaTainment Finance and the newsletter TechMutiny.


Andrea Valentini, Editor UK

Andrea has a degree in Political Science, but he took a totally different path in his life. He started writing in 1994 and – basically – never looked back. He’s been (and still is) a scriptwriter, a screenwriter, a journalist, an underground musician, a music essay writer, a scriptwriting teacher... you name it, probably he’s done it.


Simone Magnaschi, CTO

Simone Magnaschi was born in Piacenza on August 28, 1978. His passion for IT started in high school when he approached the web for the first time to create the website of his first punkrock band. His passion became his job later on: he started his career as a junior web designer, became a senior web developer and an IT manager. During a span of 13 years, he embraced different technologies and tested his skills on different topics that let him gain management and technical skills. He is a music lover and he played more than 400 gigs all over Europe in different bands.