Poor Baby Squirrel

Poor baby squirrel
About to fall from the branch
And now it's about to stop growing
He really needs help
I could wake up my friends
But they're
Comfy, and cozy, and snoring
But wait
Could I do it
Just me by myself
On my own
Save the squirrel
While in distress
By myself
With no teamwork
Could I save the day?
Hmm... Yes!
Here I come
Ming Ming's on the way
The duckling is coming
And fast!
I'm gonna save the day
And do it my way
This is my big break
At last!
I'll reach for the rainbow
I'll reach for my dreams
This is my chance
I can't wait
Believe when you see
The greatness in me
Here I am world
I'm great!!!

Writer(s): Larry Hochman, Billy Aronson
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