Through The Eyes Of A Child - Remastered Version

It's such a never-ending story
When you contemplate the world
Of all the ways that serve to hurt our fellow man
Is the answer oh, so simple
That we've forgotten how to love?
When we wring our hands and seek to understand
Are we blinded by the force of our own needs
To solutions that should be plain for all to see

Through the eyes of a child there is innocence
Through the eyes of a child all is love
May the light of Jesus help us to see
All the world through their eyes
There's compassion enough for the deepest hurts
With mercy to heal every pain
And the hope for each tomorrow
When we find the grace to see
All the world through the eyes of a child

We're so full of misconceptions
Teaching prejudice and hate
As we educate our children at our knee
And yet the nature of the young heart
Is to hold out loving hands
To believe that there is good in all they see
Is the leading of a child the light we need
To bring us to the place we're meant to be


Writer(s): Bob Farrell, Greg Nelson
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