Hip-Hop Bricks

Brothers and sisters, mothers and brothers
All you fours to the floor suckers, as we enter the century's clit
Bringing hip-hop bricks to all you disco pimps
You are like candy too our combinations of Pee Pee
Mathematics utilized too wop that Wandy

We are taking the disco heat on to the streets, beep, beep
To reclaim, looted uniforms, control this
Lankey Cugat, Daddy Rappaport, the bay area
Bibi Narinder Kaur Nagar, Bobby

Austin, Double Bubble, Isumbard Brunell
Captain Sunhill Gavaskar, Preston
Lancashire be rockin', chewy be the national debt
Faruk Engineer, Daniel, Treacy

The Phillipino American Council of Chicago
KingYellow, Captain Mike Watt, Bibi Balwant Kaur
Capricorn Sister Jayne, Wolverhampton Wednesfields Heavy
Metal Batallions, G.T. Road

The shit is fat, you're getting with it, woop, woop
Brothers and sisters, let's drop the bomb
Keep it open high hat, on your chief snare, Kool Keith

Throwing hip-hop bricks at your disco biscuits
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Writer(s): Singh Tjinder
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