Eternal God

Eternal God, we give you thanks for music,
Blest gift from heaven to all your servants here on earth:
In time of joy a crown, in sorrow consolation;
Companion through our days of tears and mirth.

We give you thanks for every sound of beauty:
For sweetest harmony that echoes in our hearts.
For melodies that soar on high like birds at morning...
For voice and instrument in all their parts.

As we are blest, so may our gifts bless others:
May hearts be touched and spirits lifted up anew.
Let music draw together those who live as strangers
Bring joy to those we love, in thankfulness true.

And when at last we come into your kingdom,
All discord over and all earthly labour done,
Then sound and silence yield before one equal music,
And with the Giver shall our souls be one.

Writer(s): John Rutter
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