I Miss You (Remix Acoustic Version)

I miss you, it's been so long
Since I had you wake up next to me
I miss you, I'm coming home
There's no place that I would rather be

I wake up every morning
And reach to pull you close to me
There's nothing but the pillow
And not your sexy body

So I called you up
Just to hear your voice
I can't wait 'till get home to you
Then we'll spend some time alone

Sometimes it gats so crazy
Living life from town to town
And all of my days are kind of lonely
How I wish you were around

I wanna feel your touch
It's what I need so much
I want to make sweet love to you all night
And I'll hold your body tight

As I sit and watch the raindrops fall
I keep thinking of all the love we share
I can't wait until that moment comes
When it's you and me in each other's arms

Writer(s): Kevin Scott, Dwight Wyatt, Joe Carter, Joseph Sayles
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