Rain, Rain, Go Away: Raindrops Keep Falling on My Head / Singing in the Rain

Rain, Rain Go Away (In background)

What's up this is Jin.
On behalf of myself and Young Pope,
We'd like to dedicate this song
To all the victims at Virginia Tech.


[Verse 1]
April Sixteenth.
Early afternoon.
'Bout to leave home
But I'll be back soon.
Was on my way out,
Sat down put on my shoes,
Turned on some CNN,
Just to catch up on news.
My eyes couldn't digest
Images on the screen
The latest reports
Live from the scene.
I can't describe it;
The words ain't quite there.
Somethin like a dream-
More like a nighmare.
I'm up in N.Y.
They down in V.A.
But it feels like
They just minutes away.
Victims paid the price
At such a high cost.
Innocent lives lost.
Your family and friends-
They carry the torch
In your memory.
They're in our prayers and thoughts.
It's gonna be a while;
The pain is here to stay.
You're in a better place,
Look to the sky and say:

Rain, rain go away!
Come again another day.
Rain, rain go away!
Come again, again, again, again.
Rain, rain go away!
Come again another day.
Rain, rain go away!

[Verse 2]
We all God's seeds-
Sisters and brothers.
What could make a man
Take the life of another?
Don't mean to get religious,
But you'll be devoured
If you don't believe in
Some sort of higher power.
That's the same song
I'm hearing ____ sing.
Either stand for something,
Or fall for anything.
Just have a little faith,
You need to have faith.
Sometimes that's the only way you feel safe.
Every day's the same.
Yeah it's so strange.
The world is so cold,
I wanna make it change.
If I see a chance,
I'll try not to miss it.
Call me a dreamer,
Guess I'm just optimistic.
How long will it take?
It may be a while.
But it's all worth it-
Seeing a baby smile.
I know you feel the rain,
Don't let it cramp your style
Cause you know the sun
Is right behind the clouds.

Repeat Chorus
[News Conference clip]
Chorus until end.

Writer(s): Mack David, John Green, Edward Heyman
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