Break My Heart / Cosmic Girl (Dimitri From Paris Edit) [Mixed]

Club Future Nostalgia

She's cosmic
She's cosmic
I must have died and gone to heaven

I've always been the one to say the first goodbye
Had to love and lose a hundred million times
Had to get it wrong to know just what I like
Now I'm falling

Centre of attention
You know you can get whatever you want form me
Whenever you want it, baby
It's you in my reflection
I'm afraid of all the thing it could do to me
If I would've known it, baby

I would've stayed at home
'Cause I was doing better alone
But when you said "Hello"
I knew that was the end of it all
I should've
Distant solar system

Sends me into hyperspace

Writer(s): Stuart Zender, Toby Smith, Derrick Mckenzie, Simon Katz, Wallis Lee Buchanan, Jason Kay, Jordan Kendall Johnson, Stefan Adam Johnson, Andrew Wotman, Michael Hutchence, Alexandra Leah Tamposi, Dua Lipa, Andrew Fariss
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