Paying For It

I bought all your drinks (Everyone)
We never split one bill (Not one)
I ain't made of green but I made it rain on your field (Hey,hey,hey)

Never saw one penny rolled out your purse
The whole time we were hookin' up
When you said goodbye, I figured I'd be a little bit rich but

I'm still payin' for it
Out the damn wazzo
Like you still on my tab girl 'cause I'm drinkin' for two
Droppin' all my quarters on them sad, sad songs
And the cab ain't half price even though I'm ridin' alone
Ain't just that piggy bank you broke
My heart is achy breakin' too
And I'm still payin' for it

Met a girl in a bar (Sittin' down, she was cute)
We had dance or two (A couple drinks too)
I had a pretty good chance of taking her home

Feels like we got divorced (Hey)
And I had a real cheap lawyer

And I'm still payin' for it
Out the damn wazzo

Writer(s): Levi Hummon, Walker Hayes, Eric Arjes
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