Do You Everynite

Do you everynite
Baby you look so good
Like BBD (Bell Biv Devoe) said
You're so dope
And girl I just can cope
What would you do
If I told you I want to sex you up
Until you get enough

You know that I want it
You know what I like
You know I could sex your body up
All nite
You know that I need it
You know that it's time
You know I can help my self
Cause you're so fine

Do you, I wanna do you everynite
Do you, you know that I could do it right

Can I whisper something nasty
To you in your car
The things you wanna hear
Cause I can make your body sweat
Until the break of dawn
So girl lets get it on.


Writer(s): Joe Carter, Dwight Wyatt, Joseph Sayles, Kevin Scott, Lionel Job
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