Blur (25th Anniversary Sampler)

And when she lets me slip away
She turns me on then all my violence is gone
Nothing is wrong
I just slip away and I am gone

Woo hoo
Woo hoo
Woo hoo
Woo hoo

Here comes a low (I'm a boy and you're a girl)
Here comes a high (the only ones in the world)
Here comes everything (you and me, we'll work it out)

So take me home, don't leave me alone
I'm not that good, but I'm not that bad
No psycho killer, hooligan guerilla
I dream to riot, oh, you should try it
I'll eat parole, get gold card soul
My joy of life is on a roll

'Cause you're so great and I love you
Another night
And I thought "Well, well"

I cut my hair off in the road
I take my coat off dropped my load
I wipe my hands on the grass
Look inside America

She's alright, she's alright
Sitting out the distance
But I'm not trying to make her mine

Like it's no game
There's strange news from another star
'Cause this is the music
And now we're movin' on, we're movin' on

I remember thinking murder in the car
Watching dogs somersault through sprinklers on tiny lawns
I remember the graffiti
We are your children coming at you with spray cans of paint

Writer(s): David Rowntree, Damon Albarn, Steven Alexander James, Graham Leslie Coxon
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