Don't Forget To Dance

The world may be your oyster
The best things might be free
But the view from the top ain't what
It's all cracked up to be

It started with a glance
Remember, don't forget to dance

Be careful what you wish for
I know this to be true
When everything you wanted
Is right in front of you

You gotta take the chance
And don't forget to dance

Life might throw a curve or two
But don't be sad
Cause it's never quite as bad as one supposes

So take some time for you
Things'll work out in the end
Cause every now and then
You've got to stop and smell the roses

It's time to make some changes
Throw caution to the wind
No-one said it would be easy
All more reason to begin

Let the coulds replace the can'ts
And don't forget to dance

I see how much you care
And I hope that your will find
A cure for every problem that life poses

Well, it's a big old world out there
And you're gonna meet all kinds
But pay no mind to the ones who thumb their noses

When life delivers lemons
Make some lemonade
Then take an inventory
Of all the promises you made

No matter what your circumstance
Don't forget to dance

It started with a glance
Remember, don't forget to dance

Writer(s): Bryan Adams, James Douglas Vallance
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