We Cry Together

Oh, oh, oh
Oh, oh, oh
Hold on to each other
Hold on to each other
This is what the world sounds like (nah, f- you)

Oh, wow, okay
You got me f- up
F- you, f- you

I swear, I'm tired of these emotional, ungrateful
(Shut the f- up)
Unstable, confrontational dumb-
You wanna bring a- down, even when I'm tryna do right
We could go our separate ways right now
You could move on with your life
(I swear to God) you love a pity party, I won't show up
Always act like your s- don't stink, motherf-, grow up (man)
Forever late for sh-, won't buy sh-, sit around and deny sh- (man)
F- around on a side-, then come f- up my -

What? F- up yo' -? You must be bleedin' and some more -
I don't know -, f- yo' feelings (you on some-)
See, I don't know why you likе playin' mind games with me (mind games, man)
I ain't slow nor ditsy, I know whеn you bein' distant
I know when you fake busy (come on, brah)
Get out yo' feelings and miss me with that reverse psychology
Man, b- you trippin', who got you that Rollie chain?
And who put that car in my name?
What you think? I'ma kiss yo' -?
Nah n-, you f- lame

You know what? F- (f- you)
Nah, f- you (nah, f- you)
F- you (nah, f- you)
Nah, f- you (f- you)
F- you (f- you)
F- you (nah)

Wastin' my time and energy tryna be good to you
Lost friends, family, gained more enemies 'cause of you
Starin' at me in Zara, h- scratchin' my cars up
Shoulda followed my mind in '09 and just moved to Georgia
Oh, what, that's my fault now?
You power trippin' or guilt trippin'? I held your a- down (okay)
You just kept me down, that's a big difference
Stressin' myself tryna figure why I'm not good enough
Goin' to church, prayin' for you, searchin' for good in us

Lil'- that's tryna go big
But you was suckin' this d- though
Well sh-, I shoulda sucked his (what you say?)
I shoulda found a bigger d- (get the f- out my face)
Oh, what, you mad?
Shut up b-, you got me f- up today, on God
Ah-ha, you mad, lil' feelings is shot
Go text that raggedy b- and tell her you all that she got (man, what -?)
Let her know you packin' yo' sh- and gotta move by the first (man, give me these f- keys)

Give me my keys, I'ma be late for work
F- yo' job, today gon' be the day you walk to that b-
Give me my f- keys
Nah, I like you parked in that b-
Give me my keys bro
On God, you ain't gettin' these keys
Give me my f- keys
Ah, now you mad at me, I got you hollerin' for nothin'

I do the same when we f-
Act like that p- ain't loose
I'd rather act like I'm -
I'd rather f- off the juice
I'd rather f- on your cousin
You said you gon' f- who?
You heard me n-, it's nothing (alright)

You know what? F- you (f- you)
F- you (nah, f- you)
No, f- you (nah, f- you)
F- you (f- you, I'm sick of this)
F- you (f- you), f- you (f- you), f- you
F- you (f- you)
F- you, stupid -

I don't even know why I f- with you
I'll be damned if I stuck with you
Changed my number, I'm duckin' you
Whatever is comfortable
This the type of sh- couples do?
Shoulda thought about cuffin' you
You dirty and you broke
You goofy and gullible (mm)

The insecurities you got, won't mind- me (f- you talkin' 'bout?)
Womanizer, got no affection from yo' momma, I see
Don't speak on my momma, the f- is yo' problem?
That b- don't like me anyways (she gave you the Honda)
And used that sh- to throw it in my face (man, hol' on, bro)
Find it funny you just can't apologize (this b-, dawg)
Egotistic, narcissistic, love your own lies (bro)

See, you the reason why strong women f- up
Why they say it's a man's world, see, you the reason for Trump (I'm crying, bro)
You the reason, we overlooked, underpaid, under-booked, under shame
If you look, I don't speak, then I'm called on my name (hah...)
I am flawed, I am pained, never yours, I remained (come on, bro)
You the reason b- start f- with b- when they change
You the reason b- start callin' y'all b- 'cause y'all useless
You the reason Harvey Weinstein had to see his conclusion
You the reason R. Kelly can't recognize that he's abusive

Man, shut the f- up, we all know you still playin' his music
Said I'm tired of these emotional, ungrateful-
Fake innocent, fake feminist, stop pretendin'
Y'all sentiments ain't realer than what you defendin'
It's a split decision (here he go, shut the f- up)
Broads like you and real victims (look at you, look at you)
Let's talk the truth (okay)

Women in general just can't get along (explain)
Hmm, when Tash got a man, you didn't pick up the phone (explain)
Uh-uh, when Nate got a job, you said you stayin' home (explain)
Oh, why R&B b- don't feature on each other songs then?
What the f- is you talkin' 'bout?
Never mind b-, I'm walkin' out
Whatever n-, I'm off you now
Yo' evil a- kept me well in doubt
Best watch your mouth
P- and mouth is all you got
Lay this p- back on the couch
Doggie style, then you get on top

F- me, (I'ma-)
Nah, f- me, f- me (I'ma-)
Nah, f- you, f- me (you playin' man)
F- me
Nah, you playin'

Stop tap-dancing around the conversation

Writer(s): Unknown Writer, Jason Pounds, Daniel Maman, Daniel Tannenbaum, Kendrick Duckworth
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