(Grow up, nigga)
Brrt, mm, stupid
A'ight, tsh, the fuck they talkin' 'bout?
Yeah ('crete, 'crete, 'crete, 'crete, 'crete)

My momma mistakin' my bitches, huh
White bitch cleanin' my dishes, huh
I still leave a boat with the fishes, huh
I still won't sip on the Tris'
I bought her a Birkin, she did me dirty, and I still think she delicious
Speakin' on me, so I know he depressed, I hope he Cobain himself
I'ma go fuck his bitches
He can duck everything 'cept these bullets, and that's just hardcore physics

I won't give a bitch my digits
Somethin' happen to me, I ain't trippin, I know all my dogs gon' have to get vengeance
Flesh shot, give a fuck 'bout a witness
Get back, if you don't, we some bitches
These low-tier bitches is some business
Fuck 'em all like a Teddy on missions
If I get on that time, it get vicious

I don't ever move 'round with malicious
Intent, but if you cross me, then I'm crossin' you back like Isaiah on Pistons
All them boys hopin' and wishin', they would've listened
Three hunnid RP's, they stuffed in a box
Dog get ridin' 'round me, I'll tie him with the knocks
I used to knock on their door to see if I could cut they grass from block to block
Now I buy stocks and Rolls-Royce trucks
I used to sweep up hair at the shop

Nah, for real, facts
Ecstasy pills by the pack, ha, Molly came by the pound, huh
Codeine came out the crate, can't fuck with no niggas who rape
Creep at that boy on skates, preachin' the word like Jake's
These bitches gon' fuck a face, I'm tryna go big, like Ace
I'm tryna go big, Biggavel
I was poppin' some shit, they could smell
I been up on the ave' since 12
Pulled a trigger with paint on my nails

I'm the highest, this not a debate
I'm the highest, this not a d-
I'm the highest, this not a debate
I be trickin', but don't got a cape
I'm disturbin' the peace of LA
White bitch in the Porsche truck hate me
Tell me that yo' pussy is real
I paid for that shit like the bill

Bad karma, 'cause looks can kill
I bought her a Birkin, said, "Welcome to Hell"
He fell off, he posted a grill, if one of us catch 'em, we won't get a bail
Don't gotta explain myself, spent that shit like I paid it myself
She so pretty, I invest in her swimsuit
Brand new and that's gon' stay on the shelf
Two-face king, you can meet the other me, but that's if you make it there
Curious enough, I'll take you there

I wrote half of this verse in a Bentley
I just took that girl right to the city
She a weirdo ho like Missy
Fishtail on the track, got dizzy, ay

Fishtail on the track, got dizzy
Fishtail on the track, got dizzy
Fishtail on the track, got dizzy (track, got dizzy)

Writer(s): Lc Camel Jr., Miles Parks Mccollum
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