Starlight so stunning and brilliant
The circle keeps spinning around me
My love, my God, what have I done to you?
I've lost my one in a million

I go insane a thousand times
My circle of friends is shrinking down
I get so down, I can only hope
I jump / move away, it gets lonely now

It keeps spinning around me

Tuesday, I walk to the Village
I know that my vote doesn't count anymore
I got my opinions about you
I keep them inside of the ballot box

I stuff all my thoughts and the feelings down
I get so far down, I got too far gone
I lost my one in a million
Air disappears, my balloon it is gone

(Reaching out, taking my hand)
You made me understand that life is too short now
And we don't have the time that we had
When we were younger

My love, oh God, I am sorry
For everything we've been through
When I cry I see millions of circles
In the sky so blue

Nobody deserves to be lonely
No one should be left alone because
Time doesn't wait, it will only accelerate
As the days and the months and the years go by

When I cry I see millions of circles

Writer(s): Robert Arthur Mould
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