Easy Life

I've been waiting, so long for this here time to come

But now it's here do I want it?
Now it's here, I'm not sure if I want it
Why don't I go for the easy option?
Yes I could go for the easy option

It could be so easy, Life could be so easy!

We are near to our equality
Get the boss to pay parity
We are near to our equality
There's lots says there is equal opportunity

But still it's a struggle
This life is still a struggle
I could stay home and playhouses
Clean for my man and press his trousers

Hey girls it's not too late
To stay home and vegetate
Just like Mama says you should do
Like society says you should do

Is this our natural fate?
Are we just meant to procreate?
If I didn't have to use my brain
I know that I would go insane

I refuse and I want to say No!
I don't care if it's hard, if it's so

Writer(s): Stella Barker, Miranda Ann Joyce, Sarah Jane Owen, Penny Elizabeth Leyton, Rhoda Dakar, Jane Summers, Nikki Summers
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