We are your intergalactic
Transatlantic Pan Orion Corporation.
One universe, one reality, one voice.
Our engineers have patented the biochemical phenomenon of consciousness.
Providing the patient with illusory spatial coordinates in a transmutated state of harmony under hypnosis

Here at Pan Orion, we use state of the art saline viscous fluid and low voltage oscillating cellular currents.
To produce the miracle of the new Chimera.
Any mutation will be assimilated into the integrated circuitry of the homo genus homogenizer, recycled into carbon based effluvium...
And so we allow the intelligent ape to regard its own reflection in the reticulated membrane of time.
Silicone Nutrients- you'll never have to eat again.
Almost delicious simulated food-like substance.
Now with flavor!
Brain Washing for dirty minds.
Desire Inhibitors, Detachment Enhancers.
Delete your past, upload your future.
Try it today.
Take a walk through celluloid gardens with synthetic skies.
Bask under fluorescent suns or aluminum moons.
Titanium trees, formica flowers.
Fantastic plastic Flesh Substitutes.
Real bottled tears and authentic frozen smiles...
You are being monitored terrestrial sector 47-B.
This is the supreme Dream Organizer.
I detect a system error in quadrant 0113-595.
You are breaching protocol.
Please log onto your local grid.
There is no latitude and longitude for "
You must quantize your emotions then report to the artificial gravity centrifuge for immediate medication.
There is nothing to see here, nothing to fear.
Please move along, we have everything under control Disposition Downloads.
Personality Pills- try charming, effervescent, mysterious.
Or why not Total Head Replacement, Thought Reduction, or Voluntary Memory Removal.
Disposable Children- fun for the whole family unit.
Try our '
Grateful sons and daughters package.
Great savings on Inflatable Saints, Digital Jesus and of course Mechanical Gods.
New and used all weather Empathy Goggles- just imagine how it...

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