(Argument with David Rawlings Concerning Morrisey)

Now, Bona Drag, baby
No, it's not Viva Hate
No, I looked!
It's on Bona Drag, 'cause it was a single!
But it's, it's the sixth track on Viva Hate
It's on Viva Hate too?
'Cause I looked for it the other day...

Suede head yeah...
Yeah, it's on there
But it's on Bona Drag 'cause Bona Drag is a collection of all his singles
After the first couple of...
I don't think it's on Viva Hate man, we'll have to look when I get home
Betcha five bucks, I'd swear it
I'll take that bet

Okay, it's on there
One, two...
Oh, Soda!
Eth, Eth's go' a mouthful o' cookies!
(Bum licker!)
(Eth got beat up by fascists and left for dead)
Left for dead!

Writer(s): Adams
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