I just happened to be passin' that little local florist
When a forget-me-not floated by
Well, that woman wasn't nothing but drop dead gorgeous
Couldn't help but follow her inside

Well, she pranced like a princess over to the tulips
And picked up a couple for a sniff
Then she busted me watchin' as I snatched up a few with
A guilty, clumsy, bashful whiff

Well, I wanted to cower into the flowers
But I spoke before I thought
And I said, "Maybe your two lips and my two lips could talk"

Well, she smiled a sheepish grin and she laughed a precious giggle
Her cheeks were about as pink as her toes
And I tried to play it cool, but I was just as tickled
Mine were about as red as a rose

So we did a little meet and greet two-step toward the checkout
Flirted in the back of the line
She pulled up her wallet, and I said "Put that down"
And I took care of hers and mine

I said, "I'll let you scurry if you're in a hurry"
"But if you've got the evenin' off"
"Maybe your two lips and my two lips could walk"

She said, "Well, I don't normally do this"
And I said, "Girl, it ain't like I do"
She said, "These are for my windowsill"
And I said, "These are for you"

We wandered out that door through the tiny town of Fairhope
Far as that sidewalk went
Gently brushin' shoulders, lightly touchin' elbows
Purposely on accident

Then she lost her sandals and I lost my ropers
And we got lost by the bay
Singin' the drifter, splashin' like lovers
Under the boardwalk shade

Well, our eyes met in the quiet of a comfy silence
And I put my hands on her hips
And I said, "Maybe your two lips and my two lips could kiss"
And then her two lips and my two lips kissed

Writer(s): Walker Hayes, Laney Walker
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