Another World

Survival of the night
Without each other
That's exactly why i don't mind
As if no one sees
Beneath the woven way
Well at least i got you here, with me

Cause i will try
Night and day
To gather fully the thoughts
We can't say

And every word starts getting wonderful
(Starts getting wonderful)
All of these web of lies i wish i can undo
As i decide to run and hide
Disguised to people blind, i need to go
(I need to go)
Take me to another world with you

The gashes that i received
All is null to you, too raved
Every night, inscribed
And who will seem to make it miles in paltry
Getting all this out the fire

(Repeat Bridge)
(Then Repeat)

Maybe that was easy to get, pull me tight
I know who and how to love, just move on and go and go and go
I know that all you do is linger so don't take me for a fool
(Take me to another world with you)

(Repeat Twice)

Writer(s): Booker Stephen Andrew, Delila Sophie
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