Under the Influence of the Jesus and Mary Chain / Ticket to Ride / Master-Dik (version) / Introducing the Stars

[Interview some conducted in French]
[Interviewer:] do you think that many groups plays like the jesus and mary
Chain? or do you think they are the own. Sorry? Do you think you are
Playing on the same style?
[Thurston:] Uhm
[Lee:] No, not at all

[Thurston:] Erm, we really... we really suck tonight ladies and gentlemen.
Infact we're going to call this song: Bury our Heads in the Sand. and...
And eh. No, this is actually called Dick Weed - eh - Part II.

[Lee:] Part Eight!

[Thurston:] Ah yeah, this's... this song is called... Dick Weed Part Eight

Ahu hu hu
Okay can we all sing a solo song for ya
Well I got a ticket to ride
Yeah come'on let's do it
Yeah whoo, yeah whoo
I gotta ticket to ride yaa
I gotta ticket to ride
Yeah, play those funky drums
Play those funky drums, yeah
Hohahooga gaboga baboogaa
Ya yea ya yeah
I said I'm just a little boy from Texas
And I'm gonna shake your head
One two one two one two titty
I know every nook and cranny in New York City
London fuck you're pissing me off
Hollywood weirdo cough cough cough
Won't you please let me rock you
I'm just a boy with not much to do
Everybody says that you come from above
You're gonna scream when you taste my love
Taste my love love love love love love love love love love love love
Whaa I gotta to ride yeah
I got a ticket to ride
I got a ticket to ride
And I don't fucking care
No I don't fucking care
I don't fucking care
I don't fucking care
Looking everywhere I don't fucking care
Put on some dark eyes and waving goodbye goodbye goodbye goodbye
Do you want to do pipeline?

Yo Sun Ra let's do pipeline!
We got Sun Ra in the studio today ladies and gentlemen. He's gonna play
Guitar, he's gonna sing a song, it's called pipeline/killtime, and if
You can deal with that. Okay hee Max Roach is here, alright. Man we got
An all star jam. Get down. Okay. This is great
[Lee:] Holy shit it's Sunny Sheron
[Thurston:] Alright
[Lee:] He Sunny! George Benson Ladies and Gentlemen! George Benson!
[Thurston:] Yeah hello, Hello.
Down Broadway
I'm going down Broadway

[Lee:] Let's not do it too fast Stevo

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