Caedmon's Call
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Staircase Intro
"Basically what this song's about...
This is like one righteous anger song that's made it through the cut of all my tunes that I've ever written. This is like the one that I let stay and live. And, and the reason being is just because... I have a real problem with... Christians, especially, who consider themselves better or higher than other people. And, the way I mean that, mostly, is like... if I'll be in a McDonald's or just anyplace you go and have food where people are there doing service, like serving you... When people just totally talk down to the help, and down even look up at them, and never say 'Thank you.' And never acknowledge that they're actually people who have lives who are there working and trying to do a good job, and are under pressure, just like they are in their jobs. And just, kind of, disregard for human feelings altogether. It just, it annoys me. But then, through writing this song, I realized all the ways that I do that. And just, that, as Christians, how do we ever expect... if we're really going to affect people, we need to be doing it in all the little areas when we're not on stage in front of an audience. So that's what this song's about. It's called "Staircase"."

Writer(s): David Jolicoeur, Kelvin Mercer, Vincent Mason Jr., Paul Huston
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