Ovary Z's

I'm dreaming that I am awake
Listening to music that's repetitive
Surrounded by world leaders
Babies in their bellies they
Take off their pants
But I am only dreaming
And nothing is repeating
As I close my eyes to see
A seal of blood. I believe

I'm dreaming that I'm awake
Getting up out of bed I begin
To do a belly dance
Pregnant with the rhythm
The moon spills my waters
As I wet my pants


I'm dreaming that I'm bleeding
But it doesn't hurt at all
It lubricates my dancing
Slowly swimming somersaults
But I am only dreaming
And I'm not really dancing
As I wash up on shore and see
A sea of blood I bleed
Listening to her heartbeat (listening to it repeat)
Listening to it repeat
Coiled behind her navel (ovary z huevos)
Slowly becoming complete

Writer(s): Marie Dauline, Anita Daulne
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