The first time i saw you - was in a magazine
The next time was you was walkin' 'cross my television screen
I knew right there that i had to make you mine
The day that you married him - i nearly lost my mind


Diana - what cha doin' with a guy like him
Diana - i'd die for you please let me in
Diana - can't you see you drive me wild
Diana - i'll bet you're just a reckless child!

So you've got it made;
I've seen you promenade a time or two
He might have lots of dough;
But i know he ain't right for you
Well i've watched you smile n' shakin hands;
When you're doin' your social scene
But you wouldn't have to do that;
If you came and lived with me - oh yeah!


Diana - i just can't get you off of my mind
Diana - why don't ya leave it all behind?
Diana - she's the queen of all my dreams
Diana - give me a chance - i'll set ya free!

Since i saw that picture of ya;
Nothin' matters - i just wanna love ya;
We can make it you and me;
So come on baby - come on baby

So here's how i see it...
You got one choice - you can get away;
Leave it up to me;
I'll bring the ladder - if you bring your limousine!

You really got a hold on me
Gimme a chance - i'll set you free!

Writer(s): James Douglas Vallance, Bryan Adams
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