I got louie, I got gucci, I got bitches give me coochie, I wear Louie and Gucci bitch, call that shit that Gooey
I wear Hermes wear Burbouie (Burberry), and my Trueys hold my toolie, my Louie hold my cash and my Gucci hold my jewelry
When I'm traveling my Gucci hold my clothes, when I'm traveling that Louie hold my clothes, and my pants hold my robe
I gotta take off my damn shoe cause I ain't got no Jet yet bitch, still making niggas upset bitch
Come through we shooting at your neck and shit bitch, like I thought you was with the shit bitch?
They steady asking why I don't go to the awards, cause I can't go to the awards with my damn pole on my bros
Cause they gon act a fool, taking change niggas act up then BOOM-BOOM BANG BANG! Money be the color of my veins
Gold the color of my chains nigga, yellow diamonds white diamonds, Bling bling nigga! Bling bling Nigga

Writer(s): 1200, Ohzone Beats, Keith Cozart, Iso Beats
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