Lady Killer - Commentary

Lady killer, lady killer
This is one of the songs on the record where Micky came up with a song title
And then we just went from there and started writing the song just based on the title
Which I think is a cool thing to do -
Remember reading "Rick and rolling stones" that's how Don Henley worked or something
Adam: "The concept coming first"
Yeah, the concept first, just like here's the song, "Lady killer"
And then we just started working on the track, jamming on that riff
And we were doing that while we're on tour, and that was happening, like in Scandinavian
Helsinki in Denmark, backstage where we were recording it
And um, what's interesting that, too is there's actually, the vocal that's like the answer to Adam's vocal in the pre chorus
Was actually a scratch vocal that I laid down in a hotel room in Helsinki
But it's actually on the record now, because our brilliant engineer know a passive way, AKA Mailbox
He figured out how to sonically cleaned it up, cause I didn't know how to record, obviously

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