A Brief Yet Triumphant Introduction / Cliché Guevarra

We'll keep ourselves in a place
Where it's easy to hold onto
And then last threats came and went
And this is the way that wars are played
Always heading for a front, heading for a front, heading we go
Into the obscurity
Of an easy to pass on feeling
Objection is so cliché
A new way on
So can your pop sensibilities
Sing me the end of the world?
Turn gunshots and mortar blasts
Into a metaphor of how we are all the same
Well there's a lot of things that should be said, said
So we're hammering six strings
Machine gun, inaudible voices
This is the party we came for
A new way on
We stand in amazement
Of motion in a world that
Is constantly revolving
With plans of invasion
And arms races racing
Yeah, we rock, we rock, we rock, we rock to the new sensation
A new way on

Writer(s): against me!, tom gabel
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