Leaving Jesusland

We call the heartland not very smartland,
IQ's are very low but threat levels are high
They got a mandate, they don't want man-dates
They got so many hates and people to despise

In the dust bowl, cerebral black hole
The average weight is well over 200 pounds
I hate to generalize, but have you seen the thighs
Most haven't seen their genitalia in a while

Maybe that's why they're so scared of us
We've concerns other than fear and hunger pangs

Queers, transgends, and lesbians, vegans and vegetarians
All you brownish red and yellow ones
Come out and join us on the coast

No longer svelte, they got to punch new holes in the Bible belt
They've blown out the fire under the melting pot,
The red blood of America is starting to clot

No compromise, no sight thru others' eyes,
They're just flies spreading pieces of shit

You gotta emigrate, stop living in hate,
What makes this country great is dwelling on either side

They don't want visitors in Jesusland
They want life bland and canned in the fatherland

We want people with college degrees,
Drug use experience and STD's
People with open-minded philosophies,
Come hug California trees

Cultural revolution now,
Neo-conservatives run outta town
We're gonna burn Orange County down,
And then we're off to Riverside,
Bakersfield and Fresno too,
Then we're comin' after you

The fear stricken, born again Christian,
They got a vision a homogenized state
Textbook decline, Intelligent Design
They got Bill Nye on the list to extecrate

They don't want visitors in Jesusland
They want life bland and canned in the fatherland

Punk Rockers and emo kids,
People doin' things the church forbids
Buddhists, agnostics, and atheists
We're moving out of jesusland

Art students and thespians,
(Excluding country) all the musicians
We want all hookers and comedians,
Nihilists are welcome too

No longer svelte,
They gotta punch holes in the Bible belt

Writer(s): Fat Mike
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