M.I.A. seals global deal with BMG Chrysalis as NFL dispute ends

M.I.A. seals global deal with BMG Chrysalis as NFL dispute ends

M.I.A., the controversial rapper, fashionista, philanthropist, visual artist, filmmaker and political activist, has bagged an exclusive worldwide publishing deal with BMG Chrysalis UK.

The singer, a Grammy and Oscar-nominated artist, recently hit the media headlines for reaching a settlement with the US’ National Football League (NFL) over a feud that started three years ago.

The NFL sued the artist for extending her middle finger (flipping the bird) during a performance with Madonna at the 2012 Super Bowl, the NFL’s championship game and arguably the US’ biggest televised sports event.

Although on stage for only a couple of minutes, M.I.A.’s segment during Madonna’s performance was reportedly seen by the event’s 167 million viewers. Following complaints, the NFL sued M.I.A.. It demanded more than $16 million for, among other charges, tarnishing the NFL’s image.

The exact terms of the settlement remains unknown, but it leaves M.I.A. free to continue her main profession as a performer and songwriter.

As a songwriter, she has worked with major acts such as Madonna, Nicki Minaj and Christina Aguilera. And that track record attracted BMG’s attention.

BMG’s deal covers future compositions by M.I.A., who was named by TIME magazine as one of the world’s most influential people.

Born in London, but raised partly in northern Sri Lanka and Tamil Nadu, India, M.I.A. released her first single Galang in 2003 before signing to XL Recordings the year after. Arular, her first album, was released to worldwide critical claim in 2005.

Her most recent album, Matangi, came out in November 2013 on her own record label NEET Recordings via Interscope Records.

[Juliana Koranteng]