Vinyl sales through the roof in the UK: 1m sold in 2014

Vinyl sales through the roof in the UK: 1m sold in 2014

The renaissance of vinyl may be a question of nostalgia and in part driven by hipster culture but it’s also no short-term blip.

Sales of the cumbersome but much-loved format are set to reach 1.2 million units by the end of the year and have already reached the 1 million mark, according to figures released by the British Phonographic Industry. Pink Floyd’s latest record “The Endless River” was deemed as the fastest selling vinyl album of the last 14 years.

The excitement around vinyl sales is evident from the success of Record Store Day, which this year even drew criticisms due to the pressure it put on independent labels who were unable to book time at pressing plants.

Although vinyl is still a small part of the UK recorded music industry this growth signals that there are still a lot of people who cherish owning music in a physical format. A niche of consumers perhaps, but one that will remain loyal to its favourite artists for years to come.

(Andrea Leonelli)