MixCloud reaches 6 million uploads and 12 million monthly active users

MixCloud reaches 6 million uploads and 12 million monthly active users

MixCloud is on a roll, as the bootstrapped company reaches its fifth birthday and reveals that over the past month over four hours of content have been added to the service every minute, for a total of 200,000 new shows.

Each of those averages 45 minutes in duration and is backed by a community of 12 million monthly users and 650k DJs, radio presenters and curators who upload content. 

MixCloud also announced that Fred McIntyre - former executive at Last.fm, CBS, AOL - and Richard Cohen - CEO of LoveLive - will join its board of advisors to assist in the next growth phase. 

Co-founder Nico Perez states: “Many other services rely on algorithm-based music recommendations, whilst we believe that human curators are much better at identifying great new music, connecting the dots and adding a flavor of personality. We have grown efficiently because our listeners are loyal to personalities and brands, not algorithms".

Community is certainly important, but today there is also a much more practical reason why creators are flocking to the service. MixCloud in fact is a fully licensed internet radio service and pays the necessary compulsory license fees to the PRS in the UK and ASCAP, BMI and SESAC in the US. This means that DJs are allowed to upload long mixes containing third party content to the site without fear of them being taken down. 

That is a problem that DJs uploading content to SoundCloud are facing on a daily basis, since the company is now forced to take down any mixes that contain music copyrighted by a third party and which is picked up by its audio fingerprinting software.  

In order to celebrate its fifth anniversary, MixCloud has created a special page showcasing the evolution of its home page design over the years, which is worth checking out here

(Andrea Leonelli)