Italy’s music Kickstarter advances into US and UK

Italy’s music Kickstarter advances into US and UK

Musicraiser, the Italian music crowdfunding specialist, is expanding into the UK and the US with new offices opening in London and New York.

The company first announced plans for international expansion in the UK during June last year.

Combining Kickstarter with PledgeMusic in format, Musicraiser has helped finance more than 500 projects in Italy and enabled artists there to raise €1.6 million-plus via its platform. Now it is ready for two of the world’s biggest music markets.

Launched in October 2012 by Italian artist Giovanni Gulino, Musicraiser operates an online site that serves musicians needing contributions from supporters to record a new album, film a new “Live in Concert” DVD or similar ambitions.

The setup allows artists to give fans exclusive rewards in return for their donations. Additionally, Musicraiser creates bespoke campaigns specifically around each artist’s activity, including record releases and concert tours.

Gulino, front man of Italian rock band Marta Sui Tubi, started the venture as an online community where musicians and fans can engage directly with each other.

Once a crowdfunding campaign is successful, Musicraiser offers support services, such as free digital distribution for a year via online platform Tunecore. Where required, Musicraiser will also set up one-on-one consultations with industry experts, and the company itself might invest in the marketing and promotion campaigns for certain projects.

“We have enjoyed real success in Italy since the launch, and we now feel that the time is right to introduce other key territories to the Musicraiser offering,” COO Daniel Plentz says.

[Juliana Koranteng]