Midem unveils the 30 music startups shortlisted for its Midemlab 2015 competition

Midem unveils the 30 music startups shortlisted for its Midemlab 2015 competition

Midem has unveiled the finalists of its Midemlab international pitching competition for startups working in the music technology space. The pitches will take place during Midem (5-8 June) and will be judged by a panel of high-profile industry professionals as well as investors. 

Winners will receive free access for one year to Midem, MIPTV & MIPCOM, the key entertainment shows of Reed MIDEM, gain free legal advice with Jeff Liebenson from Liebenson Law, and receive a free 6-month trial of the StrategyEye subscription service. 

Here is the complete list: 

Music Discovery, Recommendation & Creation

-  Audioshot (USA) - Mobile music sharing and messaging

-  FeedYourMusic by AllThatSeries (Korea) - Feedback based online music education

-  Fusic (Israel) - Where selfie meets music

-  neoScores (Belgium) - The digital alternative to sheet music

-  Shred Video (USA) - Artificial intelligence music video creation

-  SoundBetter (Israel) - The music creation marketplace

-  Soundsgood (France) - Music discovery service curated by influencers 

-  The Best Song (France) - The TripAdvisor for music

-  TRADiiO (Portugal) - Reward-based music discovery platform

- VOX by Coppertino (USA) - Music player for lossless and hiRes generation

Marketing, Social Engagement & Monetisation Solutions

-  CampaignAmp (UK) - Simply effective project management & analytics

-  Clowdy (UK) - Connecting the world's creatives

-  DICE (UK) - Best gigs. No booking fees.

-  ehco by The Entertainment Helping Company (USA) - Music's new giving channel 

-  Entertainment Factory (Turkey) – Distribution insight integrated marketing sales

-  FireChat by Open Garden (USA) – Chat live with your fans

-  Laniakea Music (UK) - YouTube music multi-channel network

-  Linkfire (Denmark) - Smart links for music marketing

-  UniqueSound (USA) - World largest marketplace of composers  

-  Vinyl It (France) - Create your own vinyl record

Hardware/Internet of Things

-  FretX by Labana (France) - Revolutionary device for guitar learning

-  Hooke (USA) - GoPro for sound

-  Immersive Album (UK) - Multi sensory music and arts

-  Lucie Labs (France) – A smart wristband to augment your music experience 

-  Phonotonic (France) – Making music with wearables

-  Prizm (France) - Nest for music  or The first thinking music player

- The Basslet by Rescued Ideas (Germany) - Experience music in 3D

- The Q by Belleds Technologies (USA) - Smart home audio and lighting platform

-  Trak (France) - Leave the party with the playlist of your night

-  VideoStitch (France) - Live 3D virtual reality Video