UMG seeks Seventh Amendment protection for “Blurred Lines”

UMG seeks Seventh Amendment protection for “Blurred Lines”

As soon as the “Blurred Lines” trial was concluded, the Gaye family stated it would seek to extend liability for the copyright infringement to Universal Music.

Now, as the judge is set to make its decision in regards to the jury’s $7.4 million verdict, UMG is arguing that granting such a request would amount to a violation of its Seventh Amendment right - the right to a jury trial - since the jury had not held the label liable.

UMG's argument is that the court could not declare the opposite of what the jury found without violating the label’s Seventh Amendment right.

On the other hand the Gaye family argues that because their claim against the label is based on the same set of facts then the judge should be able to extend liability to the label in spite of the jury’s determination. 

Whatever the outcome, this fight will not stop with the judge’s determination as an appeal from Thicke and Pharrell is all but certain.


(Andrea Leonelli)