Doug Morris (Sony CEO) at Midem 2015: watch his keynote in full

Doug Morris (Sony CEO) at Midem 2015: watch his keynote in full

Sony Music Entertainment CEO, Doug Morris, delivered a keynote interview at Midem 2015; during the nearly 50 minutes of his speech, among other things, he confirmed the unveiling of Apple's much anticipated streaming service - which should be launched today (June 8).

Morris explained that, in his opinion, Apple will "make a big splash," unlike Spotify, which "has never really advertised." He said:

My guess is that Apple will promote this [the new service] like crazy and I think that will have a halo effect on the streaming business.

Morris thinks that the transition from downloads to streaming

is a tipping point in the music industry. In the last 10 years the industry has halved: it was a $30bn business, now it's a $15bn business. Think of all the people who'd like to work in this industry and who can't. But I think this tipping point will bring it back to where it was before.

Morris also shared his decades of music, creativity, management and business experience in an interview with Rupert Younger, together with stories that changed the music industry.

Watch the keynot in full below: