Robin Thicke opens up about his "personal hell" and "Blurred Lines" lawsuit

Robin Thicke opens up about his "personal hell" and "Blurred Lines" lawsuit

Since Robin Thicke released his 2014 album "Paula" we haven’t heard much from him. The singer’s name has made headlines mostly in the context of the copyright lawsuit against his hit song “Blurred Lines” which he and Pharrell lost to Marvin Gaye’s family. Now, Thicke opened up with The New York Times in the first interview after the trial.

I know the difference between inspiration and theft, I'm constantly inspired, but I would never steal. And neither would Pharrell.

He also said, about the jury's decision

I was surprised. Very surprised. Obviously, that’s why we’re appealing. 

In his evidence, he tried to distance himself from the creation of the song. He claimed he didn't have much to do with it and actually Pharrell Williams wrote it in an hour. Thicke added that the trial was overshadowed by his divorce from actress Paula Patton.

And I was careless in the deposition. My personal issues were all that mattered to me at the time. That’s why I use the word ’careless’ to describe my attitude at the time. Obviously, I didn’t give my all to the trial. It simply wasn’t as important to me as what was going on in my personal life. I was lost at the time.

Blurred Lines is one of the bestselling hits of all time and it's estimated to have earned both Robin Thicke and Pharrrell Williams three million pounds each.

Robin Thicke is hoping to release a new album tentatively titled "Morning Sun" later this year.