David Byrne announces art exhibition on neuroscience

David Byrne announces art exhibition on neuroscience

Talking head main man and founder David Byrne announced his latest adventure: it's an art exhibition called “The Institute Presents: Neurosociety”, focused on neuroscience.

The project is described as “an immersive theatrical experience” that will present the work of 15 cognitive neuroscience labs. Byrne co-created the exhibition with Mala Gaonkar. It runs from October 28 to May 31 at Pace Gallery in Menlo Park, California.

Byrne explained "The New York Times":

We won’t be running these experiments like the labs do, but recreating some of their work in more entertaining or theatrical ways.

One of Byrne’s goals is to share some data with the participating labs:

I think the labs will see there’s a way to collect data from this. Instead of a small pool of 50 students, you might get 1,000 people from different demographics.