EC responds to Spotify/Deezer complaints on Apple/Google

EC responds to Spotify/Deezer complaints on Apple/Google

Earlier this month, Spotify and Deezer signed a letter to the European Commission alleging that big internet platforms like Apple and Google “can and do abuse their privileged position” as the gatekeepers of app stores and search engines.

Now it seems the EC is responding them: indeed, the European Union's executive is planning a possible law to deal with complaints about unfair trading practices by leading online players such as Apple and Google. The process is built around plans to address unfair contractual clauses and trading practices in relations between platforms and businesses.

The move has already been welcomed by independent music body IMPALA. Tech association EDiMA, which includes Apple and Google in its membership, took the opposite view:

Considering online platforms ‘key gatekeepers’ deviates greatly from the progressive thoughts put forward by the Commission in its platform communication in 2016.

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