TechPitch 4.5 Music, Media & Entertainment to take place on September 19th

TechPitch 4.5 Music, Media & Entertainment to take place on September 19th

Save the date: September 19th. Indeed, that day, a new edition of TechPitch 4.5 Music, Media & Entertainment will take place, with a 6.30pm start at LABS – Triangle, Stables Market, Chalk Farm Rd, London NW1 8AB. 

TechPitch 4.5 Music, Media & Entertainment was created by 2Pears and is a way to connect startups with investors and corporate innovators: media and entertainment-tech startups pitch their business proposition to an expert panel of judges and get in touch with sector-specific potential partners, investors, users, and journalists.

The eight start-ups selected to pitch are:

Book A Budget Studio - an online instant booking system for various types of studios across the UK   
Liberate.Live - an end-to-end solution for bringing curated live music programmes to any location
Sonarworks - a software solution to hardware audio problems that makes a premium sound experience accessible to all  
The Rattle - a technology-enabled co-working company for the music industry, curating early-stage music makers, technology makers, and business makers for talent and an 'entrepreneurial attitude'  
Tonik - a music hardware company that promises to revolutionise the way that people write, record and perform music
United Games - a media start-up focused on user generated videogame journalism
VOCSTA Ltd - an online music talent competition that incorporates crowd equity investment and offers singers a stage where they can be discovered and funded
WARM (The World Airplay Radio Monitor) - is a service that helps everyone track and monitor any song, in real-time, on radio stations around the world  

Further information about the pitching companies can be found on the DIG Index, which tracks the success of music, media and entertainment-tech startups and entrepreneurs as they raise funds, grow and prosper, and eventually exit.  The DIG Index is open to any music, media and entertainment-tech company to register and provide information about its business proposition, revenue model, funding, geographic location, and founders.  Visit the DIG Index here: