Freddie Mercury biopic halted due to “unexpected unavailability” of director

Freddie Mercury biopic halted due to “unexpected unavailability” of director

More trouble for the much awaited for Freddie Mercury biopic, "Bohemian Rhapsody": it has, indeed, been put on hold due to the “unexpected unavailability” of the film’s director, Bryan Singer.

According to "The Hollywood Reporter", the director didn't get back to the set after the Thanksgiving. A representative for the director told the BBC that his absence is due to “a personal health matter concerning Bryan and his family”, but sources close to the production give different side of the story, telling "THR" that Singer has repeatedly clashed with the cast and crew, including Rami Malek (the actor playing Mercury). He also failed to show up on set once before, forcing a cinematographer to step in and direct for the day.

Producers for the film have reportedly discussed replacing Singer, according to "THR". They’ll have to make a decision soon, as the release date is announced for December 25th, 2018.

Singer’s disappearance is just the latest hiccup for a film that has been besieged with problems over the course of its multi-year development. Prior to Singer’s involvement, Sacha Baron Cohen was attached to write, direct, and star in the film. However, he later distanced himself from the project, citing serious clashes with the original band members, who reportedly wanted to film a PG-rated movie which avoided the darker aspects of Mercury’s life.

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Freddie Mercury (5 September 1946 – 24 November 1991) was a British singer, songwriter and producer, best known as the lead vocalist and songwriter of the rock band Queen. As a performer, he was known for his flamboyant stage persona and powerful vocals over a four-octave range. As a songwriter, he composed many hits for Queen, including "Bohemian Rhapsody," "Killer Queen," "Somebody to Love…
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