YouTube’s new ad deal with Vevo details unveiled

YouTube’s new ad deal with Vevo details unveiled

As already reported, YouTube signed a new advertising deal with Vevo in 2017; now has it been made (in part, actually) public.

According to "Music Ally" and "Recode", the deal will let YouTube sell Vevo clips directly to advertisers:

Previously, Vevo’s own sales force had first dibs on the videos, relegating Google to automated, remnant ad sales.

So the Vevo clips will be sold on the Google Preferred tier which could bring to higher ad rates.

YouTube’s chief business officer Robert Kyncl told the ad community:

This gives you the unprecedented opportunity to advertise against virtually all music in the world.

In a statement, YouTube said:

The availability of Vevo in Google Preferred enables [Vevo investors] UMG, Sony and Vevo to participate in YouTube’s most premium inventory sold to advertisers. It also increases the sales force deployed against music videos and maximizes revenue for artists and songwriters.