IFPI and YouTube argue over $1.8bn-payments figure

IFPI and YouTube argue over $1.8bn-payments figure

Global music body IFPI has something to say about last week's Google report - specifically the claim that YouTube paid the music industry $1.8bn in advertising revenue alone between October 2017 and September 2018.

CEO Frances Moore explained:

The figures in Google’s anti-piracy paper don’t match our own. It is difficult to get any clarity on Google’s claims as it doesn’t explain its methodology, but IFPI data shows that revenue returning to the record industry through video streaming services (including but not limited to YouTube) with 1.3 billion users amounted to US $856 million in 2017 – less than half of Google’s claim and less than US $1 per user per year.

A YouTube spokesperson - contacted by "Music Ally" magazine, provided this statement:

We stand by the numbers in our report. IFPI has a limited view of payments that we make across the industry, including to collection societies, and our direct advertising deals with music partners.

As "Music Ally" puts it, the truth lies between Google’s definition of “the music industry” and the IFPI’s definition of “the record industry”.