Coldplay, as Los Unidades, share “E-Lo” featuring Pharrell - LISTEN

Coldplay, as Los Unidades, share “E-Lo” featuring Pharrell - LISTEN

British rockers Coldplay are back with new music and, apparently, a new name. Indeed they seem to have rebranded themselves as a world music group called Los Unidades and - in coordination with Global Citizen - they are releasing the "Global Citizen – EP 1" on November 30th.

Los Unidades have now shared their collaboration with Pharrell, a track called “E-Lo”. Check it out below.

There hasn’t been explicit confirmation that Los Unidades and Coldplay are the same thing. But Parlophone (to which Coldplay is signed) initially teased the project with a tweeted poster featuring shadowy figures that look similar to the members of Coldplay. The bottom of the poster includes some text — “Y02LPAC81ODL” — which is an anagram for “COLDPLAY2018.”

Superfans at ColdplayXtra say they have discovered further proof by tracking down the trademark for Los Unidades, which lists the founding members as Chris Martin, Jon Buckland, Guy Berryman, and Will Champion - aka Coldplay.

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