Brian Eno’s music app Bloom is back and updated

Brian Eno’s music app Bloom is back and updated

Brian Eno and Peter Chilvers - 10 years ago - launched their Bloom app for iPhone. It was a creative tool for "generative" music: when the app was left idle, it would start creating its own melodies and visuals.

Now the app is returning with a new version called "Bloom: 10 Worlds", which will be available on Android as well as iOS.

A promo blurb explains:

Bloom: 10 Worlds is a reimagining of the original – not simply a remaster. If the original Bloom was a single, then this would be an album. The first world the user encounters is an echo of the original app, with circles appearing where the user taps, while the later worlds each introduce new combinations of sounds, shapes, colours and rules of behaviour.

The app is using a paid model: it’ll cost $4.99 at launch before shifting to $7.99 afterwards.

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Brian Peter George St. John le Baptiste de la Salle Eno, RDI (/'i?no?/; born 15 May 1948 and originally christened Brian Peter George Eno), professionally known as Brian Eno or simply Eno, is an English musician, composer, record producer, singer, and visual artist, known as one of the principal innovators of ambient music. Eno was a student of Roy Ascott on his Groundcourse at Ipswich Civic…
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