Springsteen on Broadway residency is over and the film premieres

Springsteen on Broadway residency is over and the film premieres

On December 15th, the curtains closed on "Springsteen on Broadway", Bruce Springsteen’s year-plus, Tony Award-winning Broadway residency at the Walter Kerr Theatre which totaled an impressive 236 sold out shows.

The Boss and his intimate, acoustic, and autobiographical production has been captured in a new concert film now available via Netflix. The movie is called "Springsteen on Broadway" and it was directed by Emmy Award-winning director and producer Thom Zimny. He and Springsteen previously worked together on the New Jersey rocker’s 2001 "Live in New York City" concert film. Zimny explained:

I wanted to capture Bruce’s eyes in a way that you don’t get from being in the theater. It’s another sense of intimacy, another sense of the performance. It’s hard to put into words. But experiencing the Broadway show is such a beautiful and intense presentation. I wanted the film to both represent that and also be slightly different — so if you saw the show on Broadway, you had a different understanding of the power of performance by seeing his eyes.

Over two hours long, the "Springsteen on Broadway" concert film also features a guest appearance from wife and E Street Band member, Patti Scialfa. To coincide with the film’s release, a corresponding live album also dropped.

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