Deezer ended 2018 with seven million paying subscribers

Deezer ended 2018 with seven million paying subscribers

Music-streaming service Deezer in 2018 reached seven million subscribers - which is to say, half of its 14 million monthly active users. The seven million figure includes self-pay subscribers as well as those signed up through telcos.

Deezer CEO Hans-Holger Albrecht stated in a recent interview:

Four years ago, 80% of the revenue was telco-driven, of which the majority was coming from France. Now 75% of the revenues are coming from self-pay subscribers, and France is less than 50% of revenues. It’s quite a dramatic shift.

He also added:

On the product side, we made a lot of progress in terms of engagement numbers, new features and innovation. And on the business side, nowadays we know how conversion works, we know how to work on churn, and I think we have an obvious strategy in terms of which territories we focus on. We have around 14 million monthly active users, and we have more than seven million payers, so we have a good ratio of paying subscribers [to free listeners]. And we are touching $400m in revenues this year, including growing fast on the direct-customer side.

Albrecht confirmed that Deezer is open to opportunities for consolidation, in terms of potential acquisitions of smaller services. Asked whether Deezer hopes to be acquired by one of the bigger fishes in the streaming market, he answered:

It’s not a question management is asking itself. The job of management is around the business. Clearly, Deezer is a very attractive company with great products and a great model, and all the rest.